Meet the character

Name: Lady Jhessail alWin, Lady of Selene, currently acting as High Priestess and Night Guardian of Selene, mated to Imar.

Overall description

Race: "Lycan"
Class: Druid another misnomer, for she is at best, a less than adequate druid.
Age: Really, if it is rude to ask in real life why would it be any different now? To be honest, she is not sure, for reasons that she will tell your character if you are one of the trusted few.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 pounds
Hair: Moonbeam silver
Skin: Alabaster White
Eyes: Celadon
Body: Athletic build yet balanced with curves.
Distinguishing characteristics: moon shaped scar on her left palm, scar on her right palm with a matching scar on the back of her hand where she took a dagger.


Sultry temptress, this lady as quick to tease as she is to stand for the balance of things. She adheres to a strict code of ethics, even if they are not always understood by those around her.

A Moment in Time

As you fall asleep you find yourself dreaming of an underweight female, of middling size. Her once emerald, now celadon, eyes stare unblinkingly at you, quite disconcerting in a face as pale as her’s is. The paleness is only intensified by the sheer silver of her hair, a beam of the moon cascading down her back. For a long moment you regard each other and then she blinked, breaking the mood and leaving behind the essence of the sea and the cry of the wolves

“What would you know?” She asked huskily, “how I got here, standing inside your dreams? Knowing that you are dreaming?” She chuckled and held up a hand, a glistening silver orb appeared, "ever wondered what your dreams looked like to the guardians of the dream world?" She asked cryptically. "Well now you know, and knowing so, does that make your dreams more comforting or less?"


Born as the by-product of a tryst between an elf prince and a female of a non-eleven race, she was considered a half-elf. But due to a set of unfortunate events, died. She was brought back after making a pact with the godess (Selene) of the wolves, of the moon, of the sea, and of dreams. What that pact is, she tells few. Her race was changed when she was remade, as to what she is now, let's just leave it as she is considered by many in Hollow to be a lycan, which is, for the most part, only somewhat accurate.

Where She is Now

Often the lady dreamwalker walks the lands of Hollow lands silently, making her mark wherever she places her feet, her many layers of secrets hanging about her like illusionistic shadows. At five foot six, and with silver hair that would reach right above the waistband of her leather pants if she left it unbraided, but seldom does, she is quick to laugh, and slow to anger, a very balanced person…for the most part.

For those who know the lady well, her once emerald eyes have faded to celadon, a green that would remind those who met her uncomfortably understanding gaze of the sea at night. The change is only recent and timed, oddly enough, with the disappeared of the one known to some as the Timewaster.

She is rarely seen without Ravensbane, a huge midnight black wolf who is more than he seems. Between him and the one who holds her heart, Imar, she stands for balance, all three keeping in check old sealed power


Tesorthne- her sword, not currently on her person

Friends & Acquaintances

and many many others.

Meet the Player

Heyla ya’ll, call me Jekca. I have been role-playing Jhessail since 1998, and plan to keep on indefinitely. She is a complex character, and one that I have enjoyed for many reasons. Currently she walks the World of Hollow, along side her partner Ravensbane, her mate Imar, and her friends. What else can I tell you? I am a in real life journalist, writer, and working on a masters degree, placing me firmly within the oldtimers club, both in age and years of roleplay. I am at heart a musical and artisan. Music does, afterall, make the world go round. I live somewhere in the U.S.A. (P.S. Time), and agree with Tolkien and the call of the sea……Oh, and I am known to many as "The Pie Queen"…

I am also known as The Ogre for Rpmagazine.

My Character image is courtesy of the ever so talented Elspeth. If you wanna talk to her about your own, hmail her.

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