Meet the Demi


His Temple

Location: East of the main mines in the Xalious mountain range

Alabaster and righteous the fabled home of the Dwarven Ascendi, Kanos Ironbeard, stands chiselled like some Da Vinci sculpture within the Xalious mountain range. Cut and carved from the very foundation of this ever-changing world the magnificent temple resides imperiously in its vigil over the land; acolytes and servitors remaining constant and prepared in their task to save the people of Hollow. Atop the seemingly endless walls that surround the chapel proper, crossbow men bedecked in the ruddy-hued attire of the mountain-dwelling avatar stand sentinel, staunch and unmoving like some living embodiment of the rock their religious beliefs are built upon. Serene in mien, the intricately designed house of worship is nothing short of a master piece, the walls and main building cut from the smoothest marble, making scaling or assault neigh on impossible, should such ever be attempted. A friend to many and a saviour to all who would walk to his path, the gates to the manifestation of Kanos’ power remain ever-open, redemption always possible for the lost.

In short:

Name: Kanos
Apparent gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Area of Influence: Unknown
Preferred Class: Warrior
Preferred Race: Dwarf
Appearance: ruddy dwarf type

A Brief Moment in Time:

Kanos sobers, and he absently bades Marcellus entrance with a wave of his hand. However, the majority of his focus rests on Jacklin, who seems to have drawn mild irritation from the champion of good. "Ye do not know with whom ye deal with, lass. Coreliant is bent on nothing but death and destruction. If ye think he cares about any mortal that traverses this land, ye will be quite mistaken. Ye have my sympathies, more than anything else." Turning to those that remain within the vaulted walls of his shrine, he offers a kindly smile that is laced with sadness, a lingering pity for the mortals he attempts to defend from the powers of evil that have descended unwittingly upon them.

Current News:

Kanos battled with Coreliant in Kelay Tavern.
Temple was recently profaned, and this was left carved into the wall 'Death comes to those who oppose the death lord', along with 'a pile of debris'.

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