Land of Karchan

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The land of Karchan. A simple uncomplicated way to get going, Karchan has been tweaked to remove most of the features that made it seem like a roleplaying game, and has now become much more of a place to roleplay.

Starting off is simple, simply select 'create a new character' from the mainpage, fill in the form containing details of your appearance and such, and a fancy title to summerise what your character is about, and hey presto, you arrive in a cave ready to roleplay.

With the movement commands avilable as text commands, as well as clickable buttons, two quick hops west, and your at the road, the hub of all Karchanain activity.

From there on, typing 'help' will give you a list of all the commands you could ever need to show off every detail about what your doing, and from then on, your imagination's the limit!

Our friendly deputies will even help update your description, so don't feel restricted to play an elf, dwarf, or human, as listed at the start. Karchan is known for having the occasional dragon, or drow and other such races make frequent appearances.


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