Land Of Fawley

The Elven land of Fawley

King Rawlin and Queen Jasmine
Princess Nozomi
Population: 300,000
Location: The Forest of Geramund

Hidden deep within the forest of Geramund, Fawley stands as a majestic jewel for those lucky enough to visit. King Rawlin resides over the kingdom of Fawley, ruling his fiefdom with grace and humility. The main palace resides upon the edge of a cliff in a clearing from the forest. The ivory towers can be seen hovering over the land for miles and miles, casting an awesome presence and a feeling of awe that rushes through an onlooker's spine.

Fawley has been a nation of free-spirited elves for thousands of years, each generation telling stories of its lore and history to the youngest generation. Stories of warring tribes of orcs attacking its pearly gates and the brave men that withstood their massive charge, though they were outnumber ten to one. The stories of peaceful times, when the kingdom became a center for commerce for the roaming bands of elves that were more interested in trade than of their true nature of learning and getting by with what they found upon the land. Very few foreigners have been within the high walls of Fawley, for the elves here have little confidence in those not of their kind, so they are not trusting of them.

King Rawlin and Queen Jasmine were blessed with a child, Princess Nozomi, in the 47th year of their reign since King Rawlin took over for his dying father. They raised Nozomi to respect others and taught her the ways of being a princess, knowing that she will is the only heir of the pair, and the oldest nonetheless. They protected her from the outside world, never letting her know of what horrors beheld the land outside of the forest. However, what they refused to tell her, Nozomi's curiosity got the better of her and she would speak with elder elves about the history of Fawley and the places beyond the trees.

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