Meet the Demi


Her Temple

If daring enough to venture the tremulous steps that spiral downward into an even more verdant paradise than visible above, the reward is to find the haven of Lauria of the Grove whilst in this mortal realm. Hardly a cave or a tunnel, instead the shrine is nature's beauty personified, a cove where the spring above pools crystal clear and unsullied by any mortal's touch, for even the bravest and strongest cannot touch the waters, protected by an invisible barrier of the Ascendi's strongest, impermeable power. The same protects a northern inlet, shrouded entirely in mist that solidifies should anyone try to enter the most sacred portion of the domain. Warmed without fire, illuminated with a bright sunlight no matter the time of the rest of the world, the space is soothing, and offers both a lightness of spirit and body, leaves swirling and shimmering where they harmlessly hover, floating, in various whimsical arrangements. Even the walls themselves are decorated, nothing but curtains of vines and flora, but impenetrable by outside, unwanted forces. There is safety here, and security, should one not anger the demigoddess who resides within.

In short:

Name: Lauria
Apparent gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Area of Influence: Foresty stuff
Preferred Class: Druid
Preferred Race: Elf
Appearance: Thin and beautiful maiden.
Power: Nature

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