Eyes: Steel gray


Hair: A sun-kissed blonde. Her hair is very long, with a bit of a curl to it.
Height: 5’0”
Age: 20 Overall
appearance: Doesn’t look the part of a brainy healer, she is very thin and short as can be, a thing that causes others to highly intimidate her. Her skin is rather pale, simply because she doesn’t get out very often.
Attire: Leslie is almost never seen out of her “doctors” outfit because she believes her work is never finished. This includes a floor length white dress which buttons up all the way in the front. This dress has large pockets so that she may hold things in them, a very useful part of her attire. Around her waist hangs brown medical pouch, this item full of various things she might need on the go. Around her neck there is also a white ribbon, a reminder of her mother before she had left her father. White stocking protect her legs and short white gloves her arms. She wears slip on simple shoes and at times a nurses cap.

Leslie's Biography:
Name:Leslie Marian Utt
Birthplace: Uun, a medium sized place that is a bit away from Elinon. This place is known for having skilled medical professionals. This place does not know of anything of then humans…a thing that causes Leslie to look twice at people at times.
Parents: Louis Utt and Guinever Utt(maiden name Klauss)
Childhood: Leslie was born and raised in Uun, a normal child if there ever was on. Her mother and father were both in the medical field, a thing that caught her interest ever since she was a small child. Even though everything seemed to be wonderful for the girl behind closed doors her parents started to grow further and further apart around her 9th year, a thing that led to them separating and Leslie living with her father. She never had the want to know why the two grew apart, she really didn’t have the time to worry with it anyway. Her father being the more professional and highly respected healer forced her into the profession even though she did love it. When she turned 11 he employed her at his officer and snatched any bit of a childhood she had left from the messy separation.
Adolescence/ contributions to her gaining her skill: These year sadly were blended with her years of childhood, she now had a job and was a “good little nurse.” This sort of work abuse that her father put on her did not stop her want to be a healer, it simply over-fueled it. Her knowledge grew and grew as years passed however her friend count did not. She wasn’t allowed to go out past dark, her father knew that is when that bad people came out. Nor was she able to go out with boys, they would just fog up her dream of taking over her fathers clinic…a thing that he made up. Sadly even though she was a pretty sight in the town many that were her age made fun of her and those of her father’s age saw her as a prodigy. These years of her life inched by as she fell into ruts, good ruts some say of helping countless people. She didn’t get much conversation with people her own age, only old men who were healers, because of this she is overly polite and is sometimes hesitant to speak to others. In other words she is a very shy girl. Around her 19th year she finally gathered years of courage and simply left her father in hopes of finding a place and starting a clinic of her own.
Reasons for her skills: Leslie wasn’t the best little healer from the start, but starting your teaching at the young age of 8 does lead to a vast knowledge by the time you hit 20. She not only was enrolled in several schools before working with her father but was employed by him when her mother and father separated. She was often found taking on patients of her own and even had a bit of gossip going about that she was more skilled then her father. Living family: Father: However she does not associate with him Deceased Family: Her mother, she died giving birth to her new husbands child. Most didn’t think twice of it however there was a rumor going around that Louis had something to do with it due to the fact that some believe Guinever was cheating on her husband. Siblings: None, she was going to have a half-sibling but it died with her mother.
Rivals: A young man by the name of Kristepher was supposed to become Louis’ apprentice, it was decided when he was born due to a debt his mother and father had with the Utt family. When Leslie took his spot this outraged not only him but his father. Kristepher is three years older then Leslie, and was far more qualified at the time. Due to the debt not being able to be repaid in this way his not so rich family was forced to repay the money with just that, money. This event nearly led his family to complete poverty.
Fears: Her father Extreme dark( A thing not really understood by even herself) Nervous habits: When Leslie is nervous, worried, or frightened she often chews on her lower lip or twirls a lock of her hair around her fingers. Other things she might do is avoid eye contact or tap her fingers quickly on her arm or a table. Innate abilities: Leslie isn’t exactly a pain to ones eyes, or in other words she is rather attractive. She also has already mentioned higher education and an outstanding knowledge of not only healing ones wounds via magic but also with simple bandages. Also when she was around the age of sixteen she grew to become an alchohlic, she fears ever picking up the nasty habit.
Healing abilities: In order for her to cure anyone it depends on the circumstances. Something simple can be bandaged up however for serious things she requires to be very close to the person. At times some sort of staff might be required.
Possessions: Since she had to leave in such a hurry she has no possessions except for a view sets of clothing.

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