Linken's Description:

Golden locks of medium length find their home dangling before two oceanic irises, both resting safely atop a head and body of average skin tone. His complexion somewhat normal, it matches perfectly with the height, weight, and muscular body of the young Half-Elven male. Along with his usual wardrobe, such as his tunic, cloak, boots and such, he always wears a silver amulet around his neck, encrusted with a massive ruby in the center. He also never leaves home without his broadsword, also having an important meaning to him. The third, and final, is a simple red rose, which has currently been entrusted to his sister, as it remains in her possesion. All of these things hold some personal value with him, though no one would care to find just what they were, him being an average person, and not really a stand-out in a crowd. Other than this, he can be shy at times, but is usually very open, and would enjoy any conversation that people wish to have with him, for whatever reason. Though, be warned, complements do tend to push his skin tone a little darker than normal. Linken is also very kind and considerate, as well as giving. He tends to avoid violence, unless he is either defending an innocent, or had been wronged in an unbelievable way.

Linken's Biography:

Being a rather quiet young man, Linken prefers to spend his days in a small hut out in the forest, far from civilization. He mostly hunts for a living, usually getting his diet from the meat of fallen prey, but mostly from either crop or restaurant, if he ever leaves to town. He keeps himself in a fit physical condition, regularly tending to the fields, mining, excercising, or engaging in friendly melee combat. Not being a very fortunate person these days, he has few prized possesions, of which most are small enough to be, and are usualy, kept on him at all times. However, over the years, he has somehow attained multiple friends, more than which he had ever imagined he would. The ones he tends to spend the most time with are his sisters, Xevataoth and Reema, his friends Bluatre, Dezerae, Zaria, and his most beloved friend of all, Mizuki.

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