Race: Vampire

Class: Assassin

Age: Eternally trapped in the body and mindset of a 7 year old

Weapons: A jeweled dagger and a manifested scythe.

Abilities: The child is possesed of an unnatural level of skill in the art of killing, her exceptional speed a factor she relies on greatly in most of these endeavors. (A note: As an eternal child, she has very little physical strength and it certainly isn't comparable to an adult's. As such, she's easily restrained, -provided- she can be caught first)

Parents: Birth- Mother - Aeoris (deceased) Father- Demonian (deceased)
Adoptive- Jhessail, Imar and Nyterath

Unofficial grandparent: Coreliant aka 'Gnomie Mister'

Pets: Roland - a rabbit and her favourite by far, and Sylrae- a badger kit named after someone she can't quite remember.

History of Lucielle:

The daughter of Aeoris and Demonian, she was concieved during one of her father's many outings away from Hollow (and to Aeoris), and she remained quite unknown to him for several years. Premature and tiny, she struggled for life in her early days, but by some miracle survived the ordeal, only to be thrown into another once she'd gained a small reserve of strength. She was kidnapped. A man named Andiel was the culprit, a rivalry spawning in his mind as Aeoris chose Demonian over him.

In his mind, Lucielle was rightfully his child and thus casting off her orginal name he gave her the one she holds to this day. His intentions for her however were less than fatherly, the twisted recesses of his mind seeking to use her for revenge, the girl trained and conditioned day after day to become a more than competent assassin, her growth stunted to add an aspect of suprise and subterfuge. Who would suspect a child?

On the rare occasion when she wasn't made to train, she was allowed to keep companionship with Sylrae, Andiel's own blood son, though the friendship they harboured was soon to be discontinued. Soon after Sylrae and Lucielle had been introduced, she began to refuse to do her chores and training unless Sylrae had performed for her a trick or played a song, the young Lucielle fascinated with his magic. This simply would not do for Andiel's purposes, and with several trials, many bearing negative effects on Lucielle's mind, he finally managed implant a hatred for magic within her. Thus ended her friendship with Sylrae

Many, many years passed before Andiel determined her conditioning to be complete, Lucielle, while remaining in the body and mind of a child, quite a lot older than the age she believed herself to be. Such was Andiel's handy work once more, the mage after having successfully implanted a hatred of magic within her, had gone on to implant an etirely false set of memories within her, as well as a certain desire to obey his command, triggered by the sound of his voice. Little did he know, however, was that Sylrae had taken it upon himself to interfere, if only slightly, the elf boy having taught her a song infused with a near untraceable amount of his magic, which over time would break Andiel's power of command over Lucielle.

More time passed, and within that time Luci was sent on several tests, each designed to test her skill with killing quietly and efficiently. It was through these tests that Andiel discovered a curious thing. Lucielle, having failed to murder a target, went into a fit of rage and began to inflict harm upon herself, self-punishment for her failure. The damage was severe enough that Andiel had to force her to stop, lest she be put out of action for too long. Finally, after many satisfactory trial runs, her final test came; To kill her own mother. Success came easily to Lucielle, Andiel pleased with the manner in which she tortured her victim, Aeoris' cries ringing out for hours, though living in seclusion, there were none to come to her aid.

With a final memory implantation with regards to Lucielle's mother, she was sent on proper jobs, Andiel gaining a fair amount of wealth for sending Lucielle out on contracted hits. Over time though she began to get sloppy, Sylrae's intervention doing it's job. Eventually one day Luci never returned.

It was a month or two later that she found herself in Hollow, a hateful child who threatened everyone and made friends with few. Blood runs thicker than water it seems, Demonian's prescence able to calm her, his gentle patience eventually helping her to learn to love, however tentative it might be. Her first real battle upon these cursed grouds was with Ryhnn and though she lost to him, he became her friend, protector and mentor, Lucielle loving him even more than she did Demonian.

Still in love with violence of all sorts, she fought along side her father as well as Aethan in the battle to reclaim Venturil, as well as many small skirmishes that were part of the immortals war. She seemed to be a happy child. This happiness was not to last, Demonian eventually disowning her for her inability to fit in with the other Lyastri and allowing one of them to kill her before his very eyes. Having just enough strength she wandered off to the desert and perished.

A short while later it seemed she had returned from the dead, the child having made a deal with Lady Death herself so that she could seek revenge. She wanted to kill all the Lyastri. Lady Death played a cruel trick on her, however, Lucielle's broken mind being seperated into each different aspect of her being, most of which she hated. Lucielle, Lu Lu, Lu and Luci were their names, Lucielle seeming to act as her normal self, Lu Lu being very timid and afraid of much, Lu being overly friendly and trusting and finally Luci, the cruellest and most adult of the lot. She was the mastermind who controlled them all. If one of them was to take dominance, it was only when Luci allowed them to.

It was during this time that she met Griff and became his adoptive daughter. Her time was short though, and without being able to complete her goal, she was taken back into the afterlife, much to Griff's despair.

Years dragged on and on in Lady's Death's company, the mistress of the underworld taking pleasure in torturing Lucielle for her inability to uphold her end of the bargain and have her revenge within the amount of time that had been decided on. Her stay in hell was to be interrupted again however, an unknown necromancer raising her from the dead and stealing her away from Lady Death once more. One last trick was played on her though before her spirit slipped free from the chilling grasp of Death's mistress, her memories once more being tampered with, though with much more skill than Andiel had ever possessed. She would believe that the majority of her time spent in the afterlife had been with Ryhnn, as well, her memories of Sylrae had been taken, all save his name and a vague idea of what he looked like.

Waking up in the desert once more, she wandered for a while, furious that she'd been brought back to the land she hated so much. To the life she hated. Such hatred had only been intensified with her years spent in the afterlife, and amplified by the belief that she'd been happy there. Coming upon an oasis, it was there that she met Imar, the drow seeming to have been waiting for her and after a short lived bout of violence and screaming, she took to him.

And so it is that the child revenant lives on in the world she was taken from twice before, aware that she's to serve some purpose but not knowing what it is.

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