Mesophiziel: God of Spirits

The spiritual god, Mesophizial, is perhaps second to none, save for Chazoiken. Arrogant beyond belief, due to the sheer mass of his power, he believes himself above the feuds he sees as petty waged between the other higher divi. His arrogance also sparks an unnatural hatred for Arioph, the laid back god of physicality needing to do nearly no work at all for his followers. This malevolent god found perhaps the easiest way to assure himself a wide follower base, offering promise of an eternal life even after death. Forced to mar their bodies with a brand of his liking, those loyal to Mesophiziel endure unimaginable agony to find themselves within his good graces. Eternal life doesn’t come without a price, afterall.

Shrouded in the darkest of magicks, the temple erected to Mesophiziel is almost impossible to find, and even harder to actually see once arrived. More of a field of spiritual energy than a tangible building, only those who already follow the god, or seek to bring him sacrifices to gain his favor are allowed to partake of the temple. Frequent visits are neither required nor recommended, as the god takes no pity on mortals, and will extract as little or as much mana as he chooses, whenever he chooses.

No outline of race or creed decides who may follow Mesophiziel, simply any who have a fascination with the undead, or those seeking the eternal afterlife will pledge themselves to him. The spiritual god does pride himself on his rather twisted sense of humor, so no promises are made as to the type of eternity will be granted, those wanting it bad enough will find it a risk worth taking.

The God of Spirits takes no actual physical form, instead he ‘appears’ as a choking mist, his deep voice booming throughout the mind of any he chooses to contact. To hear Mesophiziel could bring madness, should he wish it.

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