Meet the character

Name: Moonlight Sky

Overall description

Race: Pixie (Elf size Pixie: with an attitude to match)
Class: Druid
Height: Changeable
Weight: 98 lbs in elf form
Age: 21
Hair: long Shiny Auburn Red
Skin: light creamy peach skin
Eyes: emerald green
Body: slender, birthmark of a moon but , I will not tell where.
Magical reminder: from a boy she helped to save. When he gave her the rose it started to grow on her right hand then running around her wrist in leaves and thorns. Moonlight also has a Heart shape scar that is above her left knee. that she put there when she lost her first child. when she is very upset she engraves it in deeper so she will always remember her Daughter that passed away before her time and to remember that she is truly alone.
Clan: Chatelaine Of the Emerald Guardians
Form: Ghost
Homeland: Enchantment
Family: Twin sister DEAD
Pets: Princess Unicorn: Miracle


A Moment in Time

Moonlight’s Mother the Lady of the Moon smiles as she touches her kisses fingers to Moonlight's lips giving her color on her pale face. She whispers for you to hear her* ~Moonlight your children need you wake soon, for the babies cry for your return.~ She bends down hugging her daughter and crying but no one can hear her tears you just hear the diamonds fall to the ground around the Goddness and her daugther. then she fades into the body of Moonlight and is gone.

As Moonlight wakes up and looks around herself. She finds that she has no idea where she is and her body is gone and only a Ghost like form of herself is left. As she takes a walk around and she see that the place she is looking at is beautiful but not familiar to her at all. Moonlight smiles as she looks at the world, wondering about nothing really… But just puts on her best smile and acts like she knows what she is doing as she begins the first day of the rest of her DEAD life in the cruel world called Hollow. Where she trust only her master Dallon for it was him that killed her curse.


Moonlight's Biography: Moonlight came from a Broken Village where her parents were both killed to protect the powers that Moonlight and her twin possessed. After the death of her parents the twins were sent to live apart form each other to protect the Family powers. Growing up with a midwife as a surrogate Mother she left in search of her own life and happiness with the Gifts of Midwifery and Herbalist. She Found happiness first In a small town called Templeton where she found that her Parents death would come back to haunt her again. Having a child and husband to live for they ran for their lives only for her to lose her love and her child In a bloody fight that left Moonlight for dead until the lady of the Moon came down and kissed her daughter's lips as to put life back into Moonlight weak body and soul . This is when Moonlight realized that her Mother was the Lady in the Moon and she must fight to live for it was her job to carry on the Family name and powers that was taken from Her Parents and given to Moonlight the oldest to posses and share with the twin when and if she ever found her . After Running for most of her life she took refuge in the land of Hollow where she found what she believed to be her twin and she was Happy again .Then when Spring came she also Found Her daughter one day in Hollow for she had not died in the battle like she thought . Her Daughter's soul had Found her again and with Japs as the Man of her life and her family together again she became happy and had many other children. After many months of happiness Moonlights world begin to fall apart around her with war and Death again trying to take her life and the lives of her family . As she runs to keep her family safe she finds out that her twin was the reason that her life was in danger. Trying to Fight to keep her twin safe Moonlight finds that her twin was possessed by evil and with a poisonous kiss to her heart before her twin gave it back caused moonlight to become very ill and the cure she can not find. So she now lives as the only living twin of the lady of the Moon. Moonlight now broken and tortured by the half dead heart that she is cursed to now carry in her body that causes her to be sad and hopelessly lost to herself and the others around her. She fights for her own wholeness to come soon so that the evilness that her twin cursed her with can no longer cause her pain and anguish. Forced to wear evil armor because of the cursed heart she is left to live with because her skin burns when she wears her holy armor. She cries day and night for the Gods to show her mercy and help her to find her wholeness and true happiness again. With the pureness of her love for her family she fights to win over the Evil that plagues her soul and keeps her pain deep with in her. As she tries desperately to win over the evil side of her heart Moonlight finds herself in turmoil with the world and others around her. Knowing that she may never again be the Moonlight that she was, she cries for the Gods to help her as she fights to kill the evil that her twin poisoned her heart with. Knowing that only pure love can overcome this evilness that her twin has cursed her with, she finds that only around her true love, can she truly be herself again. Wishing that it would last longer than only when she is with her love, she fights with all that is within her to become the Moonlight that is pure Goodness and Love. With the love that her lover has for her she finds that the fight may be possible if the evil in the other part of her heart can be over taken by the Goodness of the other side. As the War of evil and good begins to over take Hollow Moonlight finds the fight even harder. When will the peace come so that Moonlight may again be happy and at peace with the pain of her heart gone so she can live again. Knowing that the evil side is stronger and the Temple is no longer backing her she finds the darkness taking her over piece by piece day by day. She screams for help but the only one who heard her was that of dark origin. A vampire that heals but in dark and mysterious ways. At the end of Moonlight's sanity, she unknowingly reached out to the woman in shadows, her Piercing green eyes was all that she saw. And with a blue wave of her hand she consumed the once pure Moonlight and bore her into darkness .Now with Hollow upon her back, NO love to calling her fore ward the woman who cradled her into the ways of evil becons her. She holds on to her wedding day as a rope. Hoping that her lover and his love will put an end to her pain and sorrow. Nothing will ever be sacred again. Those who have made her suffer, will suffer just as she has. Now with her wedding called off and her lover gone with no sign of coming back for her she finds herself alone and worthless even to herself. Then one night after falling down the stairs in her home and taking a major injury to her head leaving her lost in Hollow; and thinking herself dead, she walked aimlessly around. As she found herself in the park by the water sprite and darkness falling a pond her quickly. She looked desperately for a place to sleep she falls again passing out and coming too later with a shadow of a Dragon looming over her. He called her his own and took her in to his house and made her his slave. Were she finds later that she is cursed by yet another once again.

The curse that has been placed on the fae has now taken form as that of its final disaster, a Shadow of Death. Though very few understand the nature of this curse the general idea of its existence is to slowly drain the life-force from its victim, and then devour the soul that will then no longer have a protection. The curse known as the Shadow of death has a mind of his own and can spread its vile plague to others that its first victim loved or even hated just for its own fun. As for a cure no one knows, however some priests are convinced that if you can find out the name of the curse and that of the necromancer who cursed it you MIGHT be able to remedy it. In the past only the dark mage himself could remove the vile curse…time will only tell the tale that this one holds. The Curse did kill Moonlight in a way none will ever understand!!

Moonlight is inslaved by a Chaos Shadow Dragon


With the Death shadow controlling Moonlight’s life most of the time; that when she does find sanity she tries to do good. One day she found her daughter and knew that the shadow was weak from the battle it took the night before; so she took advantage of this and when she saw Zafirah she took the druid curse from her that made her agelessness. Yet caused her to die every winter to come back anew every spring. But thanks to the finest Priestess of all of Hollow she was given a Garland of white Roses to keep the curse at bay all winter. Moonlight knowing that she could die took her love for her daughter and sucked the curse from her very being. Leaving Zafi clean and pure and herself with yet another curse for if she can not be free she might at well help others to be happy.

Where She is Now



Pixie Magic
shape shifting

Friends & Acquaintances

Protectors: Dallon, Doel

CHILDERN: Zafirah, Lunamus, Krytnal, Summerland, Sadie, Rayna, Marina

Meet the Player

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