Name:: Madame Næva Helene Elie

Nicknames and Aliases:: By only those she considers Tribe, Helen. A select few refer to her as Nae. This is tolerated.

Age:: Abortionist, Madame, Douala

Homeland:: The Third District of Qännesburg, in the nation of Flagg.

Race:: Human, painfully so.

Age:: 22

Daxos, the pale lion. Often fat and lazy, just as often as vicious a fighter as any daemon. He will often fight alongside his mistress but, more often than not, prefers to guard the Tranquility.

Henry, the thoroughbred racer. A chestnut horse with wild eyes and unbreakable spirit. Handles being rode only for the thrill of the race.

Devyat, the mouse. Næva's rarely seen conscience- no one else but for those with the gift of Sight can see this creature.

Knacks:: A profound lack of morals. The lies this woman tells in the sway of hip and caress of breath run so profoundly deep that not even those she consider to be allies are entirely safe. But an unnamed three in the land are truly within the woman's inner circle- true friends, those thought of in lieu of family.

Perhaps to make up for a lack of magicks or physical prowess, Næva is a disturbingly cunning woman. There are many sorts of clever in the world. Hers is just a more conniving variety than most.

Spouse:: None. She is considered 'mated' to the mercenary Ethan, though their union is a tumultuous one, based upon physical attraction and a wavering respect rather than affection. Oddly enough, she seems content with this.

Children:: None, though it can be said that Rook is a child of sorts. She certainly looks after him as if she were his mother, despite the fact that this lycanthropic monster hardly needs the help.

Siblings:: The late Wesley was her half-brother. She's a younger brother in the Emperor's First Cavalry, whom she both worries and dotes over with great pride given his high ranking and stature. While he's off fighting in wars both at home and abroad, Caedan is seen as a sort of surrogate. Quite without meaning to, Næva has taken to the troubled girl, acting the part of older sister (and overall bad influence).

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