Princess Nozomi

Raised in the Land of Fawley since she was born, she enjoyed a privileged life under her father, King Rawlin. She grew up living a pampered life, never having to ask for anything; rather it was given to her by her father. The only child in the royal line, she used to spend her time gazing out of her bedroom window, wondering what it would be like to have a brother or sister.

Her days at the castle usually consisted of horseback riding, calligraphy, flower arranging, and spending time with her collections of pets, primarily a cat named Sigura and a dazzling steed named Tre. Having spent so much time upon her steed, she became as one with him and was known as a renowned horseback rider. She recently took up archery, for she has always been somewhat of a tomboy due to her coddled existence.

One day, out wandering the forest nearby with Tre, Nozomi came upon a strange inland cove, not on any topographical map. As she slowly approached, Tre became agitated and threw the small child off, sensing something very wrong with what lied ahead. As she brushed herself off, her curiosity got the better of her and she approached closer to the water. A pixie happened to be upon a lily pad lying down from exhaustion and her wounds, and noticed Nozomi walking towards her. The pixie greeted the child, and Nozomi cured her, to which the pixie was indebted to the princess. The pixie told her tales of far away places, which only captured the imagination of the girl even more. As the pixie finished her tales, she touched Nozomi, and a surge of pure energy filled the girl. The pixie assured her not to worry, for she had just been blessed with the ability to speak to nature, for helping her out when she was wounded.

The following night, a rival kingdom declared war upon Fawley. A fiefdom of power-hungry dwarves, aided by a band of orcs and other misfit races laid siege to the ivory palace. Instead of worrying about the army at her doorstep, Nozomi spent her time gazing into a full-standing mirror in her room, recalling all the tales that she had been told by the pixie. As she lay down to go to sleep, the battle outside continued to be waged. In the middle of the night, the rogue militia gave up their assault, finding it futile to attack the fortress Fawley.

The next morning, Nozomi awoke in the back of Kelay Tavern, hair losing all of its wondrous raven hues, replaced by locks as white as snow. No longer in her flowing royal robe, she was adorned only in raggedy clothes with a dagger at her side. The child lay there, crying for hours, wondering why she was brought to this foreign and cruel place. Finally building up enough courage, she stood up, barefoot and all, and treaded lightly across the floor, out into the new world, set on finding answers to her dilemma. She searches to this day, continually trying to seek out someone that can help her.

Having been within the land of Hollow for little over a week, Nozomi came across the leader of the Crimson Crusaders, Torent. Impressed by the child, Torent allowed her safe entrance into his clan. Honored and humbled by such hospitality, Nozomi accepted and now willingly lays down her life to protect those brethren. Upon becoming more knowledgeable about the circumstances surrounding the land where she now resides, the princess has learned of the dastardly plot of the Immortals, a group of individuals supported by some of Hollow’s clans, bent on destroying the tranquil land and turning it into a ruined ground not fit for life. Nozomi has pledged to fight against this evil band, alongside some of Hollow’s other clans that seek to protect life, rather than to use it to their advantage then toss it aside like an unneeded toy.

A lone night ago, the pixie, which was saved by Nozomi while she was still in Fawley, appeared where the princess slept. Awakened by the familiar visitor, Nozomi began talking with the pixie. She found out that the pixie was named Va’Lion, and was a traveler of distant lands. Va’Lion knew of Hollow, and the perils plaguing the land. Nozomi had a huge heart and a great desire to help others, so Va’Lion transported her here while she slept that fateful night. In return for the abduction, the pixie placed a bow within the firm grip of the elf, stating that it contained a magical power, able to many strange and wondrous things, though the child must learn for herself what these powers are. Va’Lion then disappeared, leaving Nozomi with still many questions. Why was she here? What does the bow, True Memories, possess that would give Nozomi the strength to help out Hollow? When does Nozomi get to go home? Questions had been answered that night, but many more kept racing through the child’s mind as she lay back down to fall asleep.

On one fateful day, continuing the quest laid out before her, Nozomi encountered Syadon, the leader of a clan known as the Order of the White Rose. Through his guidance and his tests, she was able to secure a leadership position within this sacred clan, ensuring that it will be brought back to the heights of ole and regain the mystique and prestige that surrounds this fabled band of brethren.

To this very day, Nozomi is trying to make a dream of hers a realization…to have a kingdom of elves. She actively is seeking other elves to help her in this endeavor, to which a story has already been written. (ooc: If interested, ask me and I will hmail it to you!)

A miraculous occurrence happened the past night, the Kingdom of Hawthorne emerged from isolation and a magical voyage to plant itself firmly within the land of Hollow. Nozomi reappeared after disappearing for a few days as the Queen of Hawthorne. This land is promoted as a safe haven from the troubles of Hollow, but at the same time, to protect the other inhabitants. This elven kingdom welcomes all, though elves are more free to do as they will and foreigners are watched under a careful eye.

To honor their new heir, the citizens of Hawthorne bestowed a great white dragon to Nozomi. This impressive and wondrous beast has been the protector of the throne long before the kingdom disappeared. Rumors have it that the dragon disappeared deep into the Xalious Mountains since it was unable to find it's homeland while it was hidden. Since Hawthorne has recently emerged from obscurity, Yashuri returned seeking to fulfill his duties to the kingdom. Nozomi presented herself to Yashuri who gladly accepted her as his new master.

In two recent duels, Nozomi was defeated trying to obtain the shards of the Runeblade sword. However, during her duel with Donovan, she awoke the dark guardian of Hawthorne, the undead dragon Tagool. Emerging to this place after having been damned by the gods for his failure to protect the previous heir to the throne which Nozomi holds, he was buried and trapped beneath the ground near the Mage's tower. Having learned that the duel was to take place there, Nozomi quickly visited with the scholar of the kingdom, learning of the presence of Tagool. During her duel, the Queen spoke the spell to break the barrier holding the dragon and released him back into the realm. Combined with Yashuri, the dragon of light, the two are nearly impossible to defeat in battle. They ride the winds once again, protecting Nozomi and seeking to defend the line of heirs once more, claw to claw.

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