Oldtimers Club

Oldtimers Club

Known only as OTC, a condition that brings on headaches from staring at the computer screen, a hunched back from sitting down at the desk too long, and fingers curled from hours of frantic typing.

Most of the OTR rituals and concepts are only known to members, but it for the most part simply an honorable title given to the group of players in any role playing game who meet certain criteria. At a minimum members are 22 years of age or older, and have roleplayed for over four years (on or offline, but Kudos will be given for only counting online years).

Members are granted the right to brag occasionally and randomly point and laugh at all the youngins (anyone not in OTC).

Bronze Level (four to eight years)

Silver Level (nine to twelve years)

Gold Level (thirteen to sixteen years)

Platinum Level (seventeen or more years)

Contact us to have your name added to the appropriate list and get initiated if you fit the criteria.

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