Meet the Demi

If you can see past his shiny metallic armour, you would find Olric to be tall.

His Temple


In short:

Name: Olric
Apparent gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Good
Area of Influence: Most likely unbending truth
Preferred Class: Paladin
Preferred Race: Human
Appearance: Stereotypical Paladin

A Random Moment in Time

Anshera said to Olric, "Tell me, darling… what makes you so self assured that your manner of thinking is indeed the proper one? That if all were as you wished, the world would be just as it was -meant- to be?"
Olric said to Coreliant, "You will take no legs on this day. Are you so set of destruction that you need to slay those of inferior species? Although honor was never one of your finer attributes."

Olric said to Anshera, "Right and wrong is a matter of the eyes you look through. Although when someone has intentions of ending your existence, you too will see the survival and the struggle to achieve such as "right"."
Anshera said to Olric, "For a deity, you make far too many assumptions. You inspire no confidence in your cause, but spewing foul verbose meant to make yourself appear enlightened, as you should be. You admitted one crucial thing, darling. Just as I, you were created, thus there are beings in even higher standing to you, just as you are to them and even me. A game they are to you, though you shall say otherwise, you are a game to something else. "
Olric said to Anshera, "You speak of things I already know.. I am their pawn, as you are mine.. This is the pecking order child. "
Anshera said to Olric, "Just as the mortal creatures are my playthings. I accepted my position in this naer ending life long ago, deity. The only who can release me are you and your bretherin, I care not. "
Olric said to Anshera, "Then we share a common fate, just on different levels. It is what you do with what you know, before you meet that fate. That is what matters."

Olric said to Anshera, "Although if I wished to hurt you, I would bring your husband to your creators side and make them fight together against you and your master. Would your new master spare your heart and slay them or would he force you to kill the only two men you have ever cared about? Count your blessings today, for I am not as cruel as he you follow."

Olric said to Anshera, "Strange how? I relate to you. We were both forced into creation to lead a life we never had the opportunity to shape ourselves, forced to watch those around us care less about the one thing we've never had, but never could obtain no matter how much power our fingers wielded."

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