Order Of The White Rose

The History

The history of the Order of the White Rose is one of clouded myth. An older clan, those that remember the past are far and few between. Originally founded by Syadon and Atropos, Nozomi now leads the reborn Order.

In the past few months, Nozomi has recruited new members into Order to boost membership and to provide a base to expand from.

The Order recently helped free the prison of war Demont, in that Nozomi helped plan the assault which allowed for him to regain his freedom.

Today, a new council has been formed, one that will allow the Order to move the clan into the years ahead.

Statement of Purpose:

Order exists to protect the inhabitants of Hollow, whether one has the capacity to ask or not. We realize that evils plague the land, and there remains a few that desire to see more good than harm come to those of the general populace. By joining the ranks of the Order of the White Rose, one chooses to forego personal ambitions and desires, rather giving completely of oneself to the protection of the land.

Our purpose is simple: Protect Hollow at all costs, and do so willingly and not for one's own benefit.

Taken from White Rose of Hollow Website

Update: The Order of the White Rose has been officially disbanded with the disappearance of Nozomi from the land of Hollow.

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