Rage's Description

MY name in Rage.




Loved one:???

Rage's Biography:

Life as a monk is hard for many to understand. .Encourage many to see how they think,light from the timple where monks learned the impower your self.Encourage many to see feel, and to see whats good for them.
And Rage; do this for othere man kind they think im an evil man.But i put my heart and soul in to the work of teaching othere's about life and how to Imbarce there life and how to help them self and othere's like them self's.

The techniques you learn as life go on and the world change's.many do not see what good for them tell the end is Near.

He closes his oceanic blues hues searching for the heavenly light. As the spirits of all those who searched before him fills his form his body becomes empowered. The increase of power at hand encourages him to use his self-defense techniques. His movements fast and graceful easily used. He doesn’t rush at his opponent only wait calmly for his on coming attack. As you watch his form you see how strong and evasive he is using little to no effort. Yet he seems almost deceptive as he gracefully avoids his opponent not rush fast in to battle.

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