The drow known as Rephlier Aunquil is here with the brand of Teague upon his arm.


Rephlier Aunquil is a drow and appears to be a Spell Blade: Initiate. He is a denizen from parts unknown, and is a follower of Tezrian. He is short and thin, and he has gentle crimson eyes, heavenly white hair, and dark skin. He is not married. Rephlier Aunquil has a fame rating of 5. He is wielding a broadsword. He has nothing on his head, nothing on his neck, and a tight deep grey dress coat with black velvet designs on his body. He is also wearing sparkling broken obsidian bracelet on his wrists, a nicer black leather glove on his right hand, and fine black leather glove on his left hand. He has fine black trousers on his legs and shiny boots on his feet.

Rephlier Aunquil is a member of the guild Moonlight Infiltrators.

At first glance this little orphan seems to be the down right cutest little drow kid you have seen. Long terraces of heaven sent white locks fall past the shoulder and kiss gently at her mid back and hues of a crimson sort stare out at the world with, well the cutest little twinkle.She appears to be of the tender age of 10, sweet features kissed with the drow dark toned skin and frame so slender it would cause one to question. Again you look to her, eyes having to narrow in order to notice that this litter girl isn't a little girl….he is a boy. Yes even now as you look onto the angelic creature your mind is baffled. Boy….he….male?A hmpf of a tone is let out from the full lips of the…boy…as you notice that he doesn't seem very happy. Many people rant on and on about how cute the little girl is, offering him many cute frilly dresses. Poor kid is the only thing left for you to say….

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