Rheyl's Description:
Rheyl (pronounced "Rail") has an appearance that is anything but conventional. His red hair is worn wild, his pants consist of nothing but leather straps and a length of white cloth, and his torso stays bare in all but the coldest weather. A thin white scar runs up the left side of his chest and across the top of his left shoulder. The scar is a souvenir from his friend Nyterath. His eyes are normally a silverish grey… But if his gaze is violet, then take care, for he is not himself, and the smallest slight will set him off in a murderous frenzy. Due to recent events, however, the occurance of such a thing is highly unlikely.

Rheyl owns a double-tipped spear and a crossbow, but is usually seen with naught but a dagger at his hip. He has the gift of the psionic, and can wield his mental powers to a variety of effects. Rheyl is also a trained warrior, and though his weapons are mere backup, he is skilled in their use. And as if that wasn't enough, he has some proficiency in arcane magic.

Rheyl's Biography:
You'll have to talk to him to find out. It's not hard to do; he's usually fairly social and goodnatured.

Brought up in the military, he always shows respect when speaking to others, especially women, and most especially if he doesn't know them well. He has a pretty good sense of humor, however.

Rheyl never attended a formal school, if you use a lot of big words around him, he might get a little confused. He's by no means stupid, but he doesn't have the greatest vocabulary.

Rheyl is looking to make a name for himself as a mercenary, and will take nearly any job, so long as the price is right. Just ask him about it, and he'll see what can be worked out.

If there's one thing that Rheyl really can't stand, it's arrogance. Don't presume to lord over him unless you've earned his respect. He won't like it, and then you won't like him.

Rheyl is currently raising a white kitten that he has named Gabriel. It's fuzzy, and cute, but it's usually not with him, as it likes to hang out back at their mutual home.

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