RP Magazine Online

The RP Magazine Online started in January of 2007.

It has been designed to be a "one-stop-shop" for everything related to the online community involved in Role-Playing (RP). The magazine includes a forum, wiki, rp searchable database, help files, guides, and is planning on a monthly newsletter done by professional journalists who are actively involved in the RP community.

It is located at RP Magazine Online for your viewing pleasure.

This all started as a brain child of JR DeLaney, a fellow player of all things RP, through many ages of evolution, starting with the old book RP game of Robotech, progressing to board games, and then to online gaming through The World Called Hollow (Hollow), Elinon Online (Elinon), and Karchan. An obsession quickly grew within him, and after 4 years of game playing online, the child known as RP Magazine was born.

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