Ryeanna's Description:

Age Appears to be around her mid twenties but vampires are often older…

Height 5 feet 4 inches

Weight ???

Hair Jet Black, shoulder length.

Eyes Ice cold blue

Class Necromancer/Dark Madam

Clan High Priestess of The Cult of Pleasure

Ryeanna's Biography:

Pre Hollow

After coming of age in her adoptive father's kingdom the young princess Ryeanna set out to explore the world outside her father Vyrick's control. Being fairly far down in the line of succession her father allowed this although begrudgingly. With a taste for food, wine, architecture and art she found something of interest to her in almost every kingdom she found. Eventually she decided to stay in Hollow in order to perfect her magic skills and explore the culture mysteries of this eventful land.

While in Hollow

Ryeanna has operated mostly covertly, sticking to the secretive uprbinging of her homeland.Ryeanna's involement in the invasion of Vyrick is still mostly unknown. Ryeanna has sponsered and aided many ventures in Hollow and has very ocasionally offered public support to causes she has seen as worthy.

Ryeanna working in conjunction with a number of sea captains was able to arrange regular sea travel between Rynvale and Hollow through a series of intense negotiations.


earl-grey tea

cheese sandwiches

The colours Red Black Blue and Green

Her hair


Making money

Spending it




Pungent Odours




People who do not think through their actions


Ryeanna's Arsenal

Royal scepter- This scepter marks Ryeanna as a member of the Modovan royal lineage. It is fashioned from a well polished black metal and a green orb that sits at the top encased in strands of silver glows eerily when it is in use. The scepter contains a fair deal of magic but its origins are still unknown even to the wielder. The fact that ancient vampires claim Larket as their spiritual homeland and the scepter originates there means the scepter gives Ryeanna a rather weak claim on this province.

Black Grail- This artifact may be one of the oldest in Hollow and is said to contain the blood of one of the original vampires. Sipping from the black grail allows the drinker to gain the gift of vampirism and a great deal of magical power. It radiates a powerful dark aura and can be used in a variety of unnatural rituals and spells to increase their potency. For this reason Ryeanna does not always it with her.

Frostbrand long-sword-Recent events in the land leading to open warfare have led the Dark Madam to the decision that being armed is being safe. Enjoying the unnatural chill that surrounds this blade she wields gleefully but is not very skilled with two handed blades yet.

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