Ryou's Description:

Name: ??? Ryou

Gender: Male

Race: Vampire

Class: Illusionist

Height: 6'2"

Age: Looks in his early twenties

Eyes: Dull, grayish, but turn bright crimson when he's excited about something

Hair: Black

Skin: Pale

Status: Engaged to the Rum Fairy Queen Adena

More facts about Ryou:

*Was the Rum Fairy King, but has relinquished his crown to Queen Adena.
*Was also a co-founder of the Frying Pan Alliance, (or, is it the Flamingo Paint-brushing Association?), or FPA, but has also retired his pan.
*Likes to dress all snazzy-like.
*Is secretly the reincarnation of Kyuketsuki.
*His nose is his blushy button which, when poked, causes his face to light up a few shades of red.
*Has adopted Silien as his son.

+White tiger: Makoto, named after Ryou's father. Given to him by Ayame.
+Snow Leopard: Yuki, named after Ryou's sister.
+Dire hawk: Shukuyindo, his shikigami.
+Horse: Not named, it's just a horse…or rather, Ryou's noble FPA stallion. Also given to him by Ayame.
+Penguin: Tuxedo_Thingy, one of, if not his favorite pet. Given to him by Ayame.

Hell-stone-encrusted staff: His most commonly used weapon, which doubles as a walking stick, for dispatching all those critters 'round Hollow.

Elemental-long sword: Another weapon used mainly for critter dispatch-ment (I know, that's probably not a word), to help supplement his magic with physical strength.

O-fuda: Enchanted paper talismans, marked with an inverted pentagram, which he uses in many of his more powerful spells. Though, he almost never uses them.

Ryou's Biography:
I'll be honest…I haven't been working on this, but I will…Maybe…One day. But until then, I'll take the lazy route: If you wanna know about Ryou's past, ask and…nah, he probably won't tell you.

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