Sanura's Description:

Name: Sanura of Milous

D.O.B: June 3

Age: 20 (approx)

Height:7'5 or about 22.25 Hands

Eyes: Blue

Hair& Tail: Black

Body coat: Greyish-white

Skin Tone: Pale


~Sunny Days

~Fresh Apples

~Apple Wine

~Cool Baths

~Cool Breezes


~Being called Horsey

~Having people ride her

~Closed in Spaces

~Being Underground

~Mining, which ties into the whole underground thing…



~Ly is a cat, named after Sanura’s father. He’s a skinny black cat, with a mangled front paw that caused no one to want him. Sanura felt a connection with the feline, who was all alone in the world, and adopted him. He has since become her constant companion

~Loki is a ferret, who tends to ride upon her shoulder, hiding in her hair, or perches upon her whithers when she is resting. He's a rather mischievious creature, but smart. Unlike his mistress, he adores the mines, and scampers about looking for shiny things that may have been missed, hunting insects, and just generally exploring. Clever as he is, he makes a good messanger, familiar with underground routes that keep him from being caught.

Sanura's Biography:

Twenty years ago, or there about, a bright eyed young foal was born to the leader of a herd in Millous, as well as the mare he had taken as a wife. However, it was a difficult birth, causing Gayla, the mare, to become barren. She and her husband despaired over the fact that they would never have a son to take over command of their clan. However, the pale skinned young centaur, with an equine body of dappled grey, and flowing locks and tail of ebony, soon became her dam's pride. She was larger than other female centaurs, with strong legs and arms.

As soon as she could wield a sword, her father began to train her in the art of swordsmanship, and the ways of the warrior. The young female learned quickly, and was sparring the boys (and beating them) at the tender age of nine. Still, a daughter was not enough for her sire, and he had found that her dam could not fulfil his lust.

Often times the stallion would leave on journeys, claiming merely that he was scouting the terrain, searching for threats. Occassionally, he would return with a creature in tow, a pregnant female. One day, he brought with him a pregnant doe, who later gave birth to a centaur which, instead of having a horse's body, possessed that of a deer. This child, who was born when Sanura was only about 2 years old, was named Noeaden. On another occasion, after a several had passed, a frightening beast was brought into the herd, a creature half eagle, half horse. And it gave birth to a centaur with wings, Silestine, Sanura's younger brother.

Lyad, however, had rather mixed morals. He was perfectly fine with bringing these creatures into the herd as long as they were carrying his child, but once the child was born, and proved either not to be male, or not able to be passed off as a full blood centaur, he spurned them from the herd, forcing them to live on the outskirts of the group. As a result, Sanura barely knew her sister and brother, and possibly never even discovered that there were other siblings roaming. Eventually, Noeaden fled, taking their brother with her. Sanura hated her sister for abandoning the herd and the warrior ways of her father.

Just over a year ago, tragedy struck. Sanura, who had been of training in an attempt to prove to Lyad that she could indeed take charge of the herd, returned to find the entire group slaughtered. Who or what had caused the bloody mess, she could not even begin to say, but she was now on her own. As she ventured through the land, searching out a new home, she found no others like herself. Or the few she met, she never crossed paths with again. In the begining there was a stallion…he gave her aid when she needed it, handing her a rapier, but soon he too had vanished into the vast distance, left only as a dream.

As her quest continued she one day came upon a familiar looking centaur, with the body of a fawn. Their initial confrontation was hostile, cruel words spoken on both parts. Eventually, however, the sisters made ammends. Where Noeaden is now, Sanura doesn't know. But at least she knows her sister is somewhere in the land of Hollow, safe from the massacre that befell the rest of the family.

And so Sanura continues her search, hoping to one day find that she is not truly the last of the centaurs. Perhaps she will even start her own herd.

The Eldritch Cabal

"Seek Spawne… A large red man named Kaine O'Bannion. Show him what you can do with a sword. If you are any good, he'll offer you a position in the Cabal. See how you go. If you want a place, and a job, and are good enough, I'll have one for you."

Those were the words spoken by the vampire necromancer Tenebrae as she invited Sanura to join her clan and cause. The centaur is giving serious concideration to the offer, and will likely make up her mind to join. Especially if her friend Leoxander should sign on. The one thing holding the young mare back is her quest to find the other centaurs, but then as Leo recently said…one's own kind are not necessarilly those of their own race.

And so for now the centaur maiden heads north to train, fighting the fierce large cats of the region, all the while the question of the clan swirling through her thoughts.

After much consideration, Sanura joined the Eldritch Cabal, welcomed to the group by it's founder, and her friend, Tenebrae. A sense of belonging lingers in the centaur, though dangers are sure to lie ahead, and her ties to her friends are sure to be tried.

Recently confronted by a vampire who claimed to have killed her herd, Sanura found that she was not as skilled as she had thought she'd become. It was only due to the vampire, Marcus', veiw of the confrontation as a game that she survived with merely a gash between her withers.

As it turns out, Marcus had nothing to do with her family's deaths, but had merely been bating her into conflict.

After several more encounters with the Vampire, at last a deal has been struck. For a small portion of her blood (to be used in Marcus' research on poisons) Sanura gained the name of her herd's attacker. Varun. What sort of creature is he, and can she take him on? Who can say until the time comes.

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