Meet the character:

Schalk, son of Everhardt, son of Bernhelm, son of Ernhout, son of Gerbrand, son of Marroot, son of Marhald, son of Linnebranda, daughter of Madelbrand, son of Radboud der firste, son of Bernhand, son of Adelbert Adelma, son of Bokhald Adelgast Jarl of the Marhaldstra Krygr, owner and commander of der Erndt (flagship of the Marhaldstra Krygr warfleet), Alder of the Horneburgh, Godi of Sud-Wister Gouw, Hog-Jarl of King Radboud III's armies in Wis-Frisia, Hog-Jarl of the Royal Navy Edling of the Frisi.

The elvergast has the tall, athletic build of his kin, and their fair skin,
though through the many scars amd the marks left upon his visage by weather,
wind and battle, this is barely noticable, though a smile is often to be
seen upon his features, usually covered by the long blonde ringlets that
surround his face. A devout Old-Believer, his father branded him with the
marks of Donar at a young age, and these marks are an inspiration to him and
his men. A just mind looks at one from behind his light blue eyes, yet the
viciousness of the warrior can be read instantly.

Overall description:

  • Race : Elf/human
  • Class : knight/warrior (see elvergast)
  • Age- Appears to be in his 30's.
  • Height: 1 m. 85
  • Weight: 75 k.g.
  • Hair: blond ringlets
  • Skin: scared pale skin
  • Eyes: blue
  • Body: athletic build
  • Distinguishing characteristics: noose tattoo on his left cheek and a hammer branded on his left forearm, a branded spearhead on his right shoulder (the mark of a warrior), and the gift of tongues.


Eclectic, "a bit revolving door" notes the player behind the character.




  • Schalk's coat of arms- a shield, quartered in two fields of skyblue and two of white. The top lefthand quarter bears a red warhammer, surrounded by lightningbolts on a blue field. The bottom lefthand quarter is a white field, bearing the red image of a stallions head. The top righthand field is white and shows the red picture of a kneeling man, where the bottom right shows a red, arrowshaped rune on a blue field.
  • A round shield with his own coat of arms
  • A long two-handed sword
  • A kortjan (a long naval dagger)
  • A long-handled waraxe
  • In battle a spear with a leafshaped tip

Friends & Acquaintances


Meet the Player

My name is Paul. I'm dutch, speak with a kiwi accent, and I play rugby. Nothing more is necessary really.

elvergast: A human who has been given the gifts of the alven kind (elves, pixies, faeries) the main gift among these is the gift of tongues. A good understanding, and sometimes even possesion of magical skills is sometimes found among them, but these are rare and a lot of training is required to perfect this. Most elvergasts eventually come to identify themselves more with the elvenkind than with humans: they start living in the forests or travel to the corners of the world. They have a large interest in the supernatural and in the gods that govern them.

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