Serena's Description:

You die, O thrice desired, And my desire has flown like a dream. Gone with you is the girdle of my beauty. But I myself must live who am a darkness elf. And may not follow you. Kiss me yet once again, the last, long kiss. Until I draw your soul within my lips. And drink down all your love as well your soul."

Name: Serena Nal-inta

Tattoos: Ancient black lines, and a burning skull on her right arm. Mark of Cerebus.

Peircings: Silver-Ball-Chained along and over her face.

Race: Darkness Elf

Class: Elemental Shaper

Status: Happily taken.

Slave/Protector: Kristos Delavin.

Hair Color: Sugar Sweet Brown.

Age: Forever 25.

Eyes: Lightning that resides of seducing green eyes

Height: 5'7

Body: Built of a warrior. Silky soft skin.

Home: Enchanted Cottage.

Uncle: Zondo

Daughter: Rosalee

Sister: Larissa.

Serena's Biography:
Serena is the daughter of the first living, and created Darkness Elf Selica, and daughter of Michael. She was born in a hut near the Sage Forest. She was left alone after her mothers death. The cause of this was loss of blood during labor of her little brother Riley, her father dyed that same hour. Michael's loss of his newborn child along with his soon to be wife caused him so much grief that he lost the will to live. His heart failed him, causing the last member of her family to leave her alone.

Selica is a Darkness Elf, twin of Sulvyeria. Before she came to Hollow, she was at a distant land. She worked as a slave to a race unknown to the world of Hollow. Her and her twin's master was tall as a giant, fangs like a lycan, claws like a feline. Face of a vampire, and skin tone of a drow.

Selica's mother slept around for money, their father was a costumer. He refused to pay, so there mother cut off his head. And took it as pay. Later found out she was pregnant. When they were 3 years of age; the both got sold to their master.

All of Serena’s mothers life she was she was beaten, whipped, cut, and stabbed by him. When she reached 13, he began raping her. He only beat her sister, never as harsh as he did Selica.

One day her twin heard there master laughing and drinking with his friends talking about how he was to kill Selica that very night, her sister panicked she ran to Selica. Taking her aside within the barn, she talked her into trading dresses. The reason behind this dress changes was because the master only knew them by the color of there ragged dresses.

Later that night, the drunken master came into the barn where they slept grabbing hold of Selica's twin, slamming her against the wall and soon beginning to beat her. Selica was scared to stone. Every hit he made to her, Selica would hear the bones break more. He finally had his fill, he began rapping her right in front of Selica. After he was done, he noticed a scar on the corpses body. Which Selica did not have this scar. He then realized who it was. So he jumped at Selica but Selica escaped running as fast as she could.

She ran until she ended up in Hollow where she met all her friends. And her creator; for awakening her inner being. She called him father; Keriath being his name. Along with ending up in hollow she found someone she can call a sister named Mythrin.

Selica soon found, and cherished her beloved Michael. Wasn’t a minute of the day, nor night they were not at each others side. They were indeed, without a doubt soul mates.

When Serena lost her blood-family she turned to drinking for comfort. She would had been found at any party, you could ask her where there was one. Or look for her and find one. She was never sober at all. You would see her stumbling around with a bottle almost empty of either whisky, brandy, or dark ale. One day of going to the caves drunk as usual, she was always goofy and only happy when she was drunk. She met Sean, he was new to this world called Hollow. He laughed at her and showed her kindness as if she wasn't even drunk. Right away he stole her heart. She gave him a tour of these lands. And from that day on Sean and Serena were in love. They were engaged and to be married. But before they were ever able to be engaged Serena had to overcome her phobia of love and marriage. Shortly after Sean and Serena's break up, Serena adopted twins. Orion and Antigone. She only trust her masters, and her twins.

But not everything ends well; Serena before meeting Sean stumbled upon Levictus and they made a deal. The deal has finally took place. She is now Levictus left hand and his Unholy priestess. She devoted her life body and soul to the Unholy Chthonic Dragon forever. She proclaims him as her master. She was the first in five to go threw the blood ceremony, she has some of his dried blood on her still. Serena does not regret giving her soul to her new master, for he is a great master to her. She is now and forever his left hand Unholy priestess. The only thing that she has that is a soul now is Demonic Dark Chthonic energy. She obeyed no one other then her masters Khasad and Levictus. She never looked back at the past, she looks to the present and future.

But with now, the return of Serena; having 10 children at least. She loved adopting children. And loved loving them. This lady has been engaged more time to count on both hands. And still seems she hasn't found her true love. She doesn't regret her past, nor relationships. Just learned from mistakes, to never do them again…

The day of her death, she was raped. And completely changed back to her evil being. Serena was used to try to help take over Hollow. But the fateful day, someone wanted Serena's head. Serena would not give up without a fight. She grew tired of this fighting business, and used her own blades to cut her own head off. Not letting the attacker get the pleasure to know the one who she sent, could not finish the job.

When it came time for Serena's restless soul to come-back she of course contacted the one closest to her, more then anyone ever was. Nor Darious or Serbias were ever this close to her:

Serena whispered to Cerebus, "*in a seducing voice* Bring me Cerebus], people need me. I can't rest."

Cerebus whispered to Serena, "S-Serena?"

Serena whispered to Cerebus, "Yes. Work your spells."

Cerebus whispered to Serena, "W-Where is your body?"

Serena whispered to Cerebus, "Look on the ground where the bloody roses grow more fierce. "

Cerebus sighs softly as her voice rings throughout his mind, though, he goes to find her body. His gaze glances around the room until on the floor, like she said, roses grow, like they were meant to. Cerebus’ feet tread him over to the roses as he lowers himself to his knees and begins to tear through the floor. Only within seconds he finds a part of her body, disconnected of course, but still in good shape. His hands tear more quickly as he shreds through the wood like its paper, soon her entire body and limb’s n such are within appearance. The stench of her dead corpse makes his nostrils flare as he lifts each body part from the hole and lays it like it’s supposed to be in a wide space upon the cottage’s floor. The lycan rises to his feet as he gazes at her body, his entire body trembles as he stares at her, thinking if this is the right thing to do…In his mind he decides it is, his hands slowly run up and down her decaying skin as her body begins to glow a crimson red. Each body part swiftly connects with the other, only scars are left from where the dismembered parts once were sliced from the other. He sighs softly as he takes a few steps back, her figure in the best shape as it’s going to get for the ritual. By her thoughts being in his own he figures her soul must be close, and before it were to drift away his legs close, simultaneously joining. The muscles in his appendages ache as he lifts his arms, both of his hands are engulfed in an ebon flame as they are outstretched toward Serena’s lifeless corpse. A deep breath inhales through his lung as he slowly closes his eyes and mumbles a few words that slip past his lips. As each word fades her body jumps, as if it calls for the soul, once all words are finished her corpse now glows a bright platinum hue. The armor upon his palms and appendages rips from the lycan’s skin as the ritual has begun, and her soul and body will soon be connected as one once more.

She was yet brought back, but not alive. Just a simple undead, until she was re-united with Hiryu, and met up with his friend. Who soon helped Hiryu with Serena to be re-born.:

Gabrial holds the vile of blood and crushes it in his hand, letting the blood soak his flesh. Sparks sizzle the blood upon his hand, as his body begins to glow.Gabrial opens his hand and places it upon Serena's head, "This is going to hurt more than anything you have ever imagined…I'm sorry"

Serena nods, "I understand."

Hiryu looks at Serena and whispers a few runes words to her, " Kes'a moa…. Serena"

Gabrial closes his eyes and focuses his energy. Neuro impulses fire from his synapsis through his body to the hand upon her head. The electric flow passes through the cells in the blood and enters her body. The impulse stimulates the cells in Serena's body to develop. Gabe's skin starts to turn pale as his life energy transfers into his friend. Slowly Serena takes the form of her old whole self, the blood from the vile multiplies inside her. Gabrial smiles warmly as he sends the remainder of his strength into the woman sealing her rebirth. This is like gets hit with lightning several times. Gabrial steps back, his body looks like a withered skeleton, "You are now whole my friend"

Serena, smirks but quickly the smirk fades as her forehead begins to burn. A burning and almost like ripping; dividing feeling echoing threw out every part of her body from the cells. Her own skin beginning to glow, forming to her natural birth tone. As his turns pale. Serena leans forward, her arms tightly wrapped around her. Releasing a blood crying scream from the massive pain, Lightning flickers out along her body fiercely. Steam appearing upon Serena's skin, the temperature raising. The sky above illuminating, with sounds of thunder; flashing of lightning in the heavens. Lightning hits the ground around the three of them, as the rest of his strength seeps into her. Serena's body shivers rapidly, and violently. Re-birth of the once Darkness Elf.

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