Solaris, The Dark God of Torture:


The source of this man's power is that he was the sum of two souls:

  1. The dragon, Solaris.
  2. The avian general, Shaelus-Khar.
  • The avian, General Shaelus-Khar:

The avian's were an ancient race that had a vast wealth of technology and resources. The rise of their seven flying cities enabled them to defeat the ancestors of the modern-day dragon. The cities were literally floating fortresses complete with gun batteries that gave them complete domination over the skies against enemies that had greater numbers. Because of this overwhelming power, the avians became distant from the other races, holding themselves in such higher regard that they even began to look down upon the younger races. This viewpoint carried on until the arrival of the Immortals.

The war between the different factions of Immortals really has no beginning, and carries with it no end. They have left nothing but destruction in their wake in all of the dimensions and realms they've flooded into. When Hollow became the next battle ground for this war, the avians mostly ignored them altogether, still believing themselves to be the highest ranking of all species. This view was shaken when the seven avian generals each challenged the Seven Demons of Hell. Only three of them survived, and new generals had to be elected. After this, the avians attempted merely to stay out of the way of the Immortals.

One of the largest battles between the Immortals sent one of the seven avian cities crashing into the ground below, not because they'd meant to be in the battle, but simply because the city was too close at hand when the battle had begun. General Shaelus-Khar, head of the capital city, Ashtaeum, immediately found support from the avian senate for a declaration of war, which gave him command of their entire military until the completion of the war. Shael had been one of the three to survive the encounters with the demons, and he had brought back the Dark Scythe, the weapon of the demon, Winzain. Because of his success, he had no opposition to his request for war.

Another city was destroyed, in trying to retaliate prematurely, and fell near the Xalious mountains. The five cities that were left gathered together so that the full might of the avian empire could be called upon during their final conflict.

The cities sent out scouting patrols, waiting for word that another battle was taking place between the Light and Dark Immortals. When word was finally received, the five cities were navigated to the place of the battle, and every available warrior poured out of the cities, including the generals.

The battle lasted for days, traveling over all of the four major continents. Because of this, remains of the flying cities are to be found in all four continents, not just the western continent that makes up the world of Hollow. Bodies of Light and Dark Immortals, as well as avians fell from the sky, littering the world with death and decay. The younger races (humans, elves, dwarves, etc…) witnessed the battles and viewed them as a war between the gods.

When at last, the capital city, Ashtaeum, had fallen, general Shaelus-Khar ordered a full retreat. All remaining avians went into hiding and to this day are seldom heard from.

Shael himself performed a ritual from a time when avians relied on magic over technology and hid his spirit within a grey dragon named Solaris.

When the last city fell, the younger races viewed this as the old gods being thrown down from the gates of heaven, and banished to life on Earth.

Shortly after this, a being only known as the Gatekeeper sealed the gates to the realm of Hollow, and left only five Light and five Dark Immortals to stay.

  • The grey dragon, Solaris:

Solaris was a young and belligerent dragon that could often be found following in the shadow of his brother, Kaizer. Thousands of years after the fall of the Avian Empire, Solaris and Kaizer were leading a conquering army, and ended up facing off against Khasad and Elazul. The Immortals quickly pushed them aside and continued on their path to the last 'ancient' city, Crius.

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