Spell Blade


A Spell Blade is a warrior who has learned to channel magic through his or her weapon. For instance, in the hands of a Spell Blade, any sword could become a Flaming Sword, as the Spell Blade magically creates the fire themselves.

Class Comparisons

They are not as with weapons as the Warrior and not as strong at magic as a Mage or the other magical classes, and they have hardly any ranged attack ability. But, in the hands of a creative writer, a Spell Blade can be an excellent character to RP duel with.

Playing Tips & Tricks

Be creative with your magic. With the exception of Fire Bolt, all of your magical ability has to go through your weapon. The more powerful a Spell Blade your character is, the more powerful the magics you can create. It's not just a matter of creating flames on your sword, but also describing what they do. What other effects can you create?

Known Spell Blades:

In Hollow:

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