Race: Creation of Free Magic

Class: Assassin/Death Knight

Age: The span of a thousand sponsors.

Weapons: Swipey the serrated schimitar. Yes, it's name is Swipey.

Abilities: The ability to hide things in her chest cavity, using it as a vault of sorts. Mass alcohol consumption. Chaos magic, the ability to draw her power from the unstable vastness of space. Most of her non-disgusting, non-mucous related skills revolve around things in nature that are thought to have connections with the cosmos. Accordingly, that power wanes significantly during times that the sky is overcast or while she's indoors.

Husband: None

Children: Suki lacks the organs, or want, required to reproduce.

Title: Grand Luminary, War-Monger

History of Suki:

Born in the nation of Flagg, Suki was created to pay her geriatric maker the attention and nursing required for a man of his social standing. She stayed with him until the time of his death, when she was passed on to his son Roland.

If Suki, born into her woman's body, learned the basic upkeep of her form and it's duties with the elderly mage, it was the less practical matter of the heart that made itself known during this time. While too young yet to understand it's mechanics, the why-for's and how comes, the Familiar learned from Roland the ravages of heartbreak. Time went on despite this upset, as it tends to do, and the childless mage passed her on to her next proprietrix; a court mage who, for the first time in her existance, used her as a tool of destruction rather than merely for companionship.

The brute creation murdered more men in the name of ambition during the next few centuries than she knows, or cares to. This fact remained even when she changed hands for the final time, to the magess Anshera.

Hollow seems to have altered the very genetics of Suki, shaking her to the core. She disregarded her centuries-long denominate as familiar and has opted to just be herself.

She is Grand Luminary of the rogue court The Delirium Society, or, as it's patrons refer to it more commonly, The Guild. She's a raving malcontent who has no issue whatsoever with sacrificing neither peace of mind nor personal reputation in the name of advancing the society.

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