The Delirium Society

"As even the most deplorable society will govern itself, as does the 'Guild', as it's members affectionately refer to it.

Like plague it struck, spreading overnight until a tight-knit if not rowdy group of ruffians banded together, taking it upon themselves to enforce justice as they saw fit; as iffy as that justice is. They swarm as locusts, an army of distinguished chaos thinking as one under the guise of nobility."

So sums up The Delirium Society, the rogue court of Hollow.

'The Guild', as it's members affectionately refer to it, was formed by Anshera and Suki who stand as Grand Luminaries, to whom all major decisions must be reffered. Sporting the title of Luminary, Maere and Pace are the secondary leaders of the clan.

The clan's purpose and plans have not been made known at this time.

The clan website is: The Delirium Society

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