The Ascendi

Found upon a stone in front of Kelay tavern in Hollow.

Inscribed upon this stone of silver in carved burning words is the following.

“Let all know that the following individuals are hereby banished from the higher planes and their status as higher beings are revoked; they are now merely intermediate powers, and only have the power of lesser Gods from now until the end of time.”

Olric the Just - For not obeying the decree to end the state of warfare in the higher planes.

Lauria of the Grove - For aiding Olric in his defiance of the decree.

Kanos Ironbeard - For the continuation of the state of warfare in the higher planes.

Daedria - For forsaking her kindred in the war of the higher planes.

Arclandon the Wise - For reasons that are best not revealed.

Cyela of the Shadow - For spying and betraying the higher Gods.

Vakarash Deathscythe - For slaying fellow Gods

Coreliant - For deception of the highest order.

Astrala Ararchnis - For instigating the war of the higher planes.

These 9 shall live out their lives on the lower planes and in our infinite mercy we allow them to keep their immortality and just a fraction of their powers but as punishment they may never return to the higher planes.

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