The Faithless

There are some who chose not to take a faith, believing that no religion is far better than giving of their mana to the divi. These mortals will find things come harder to them, as they do not have any divine intervention of any kind in their lives. Followers of the divi often hold non-pious beings in contempt, taking their lack of devotion as a sign of weakness, while the non-believers themselves consider it a sign of strength.

Upon the death of a character, those who have pledged allegience to a God can appeal for divine intervention by their God and perhaps will live again. The Faithless have no god, and therefore cannot ask for divine intervention. The resurrection skill is only available to The Faithless, but it comes at a price. Resurrection can only be used once, on either yourself or another, and there will be reprocussions. If, for instance, your friend dies and you choose to resurrect them, you may in turn go blind, or deaf. Be very, very sure it is worth it before utilizing this skill.

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