The World Called Hollow
  • Hollow is a FREE online, web based Multi-User Dungeon (MUD). With a community of over 5,000 active players, there is bound to be someone online begging for your interaction.
  • Hollow is a Role-Playing Game (RPG), meaning you create a character's entire personality and role-play (RP) as that character. If you are new to role-playing, don't worry, we can teach you RP techniques.
  • Join an online gaming community with role-players and administration staff from across the globe!
  • With 15 classes and 20 races, Hollow has a wide range of characters to meet. You can be the rich, land-owning miser, or the begging peasant. The beauty of role-play is that you decide who your character is.
  • The World Called Hollow has an original codebase and world that expands daily. New features are continually being released, and this free online RPG continues to beat expectations of what a free online game should be.
  • Originated in December 1998 and made public in April 1999, over six years of development have allowed this RPG to become a cult-favorite! From the mountains of Xalious, to the humble town of Kelay, adventures are never far away.
  • New features are added constantly, with at least one major new feature introduced each month. Hollow's programmers pride themselves on being some of the most innovative in the industry.
  • How do I get started? Simple, signup for Hollow here!

The World Called Hollow Forum

Adminstrative Staff of Hollow

Sven Vgfh Ryeanna Donovan Pappy Vuryal

Major Characters in Hollow

Of the Light Of the Dark Walking Neutral
Alexander Vuryal Pappy
Donovan Elazul
Lionel Khasad
Dante Kaizer
Myrall Solaris
Jacklin Movdon
Demonian Lasher
Griffin Lyra

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Major Plotlines in Hollow (Recent and in History)

Immortals Vyrick Kingdom of Hawthorne
Vampire and Elven War Obsidian Pool Invasion of Cenril
Undead Revolution The Ascendi

Clans of Hollow (past and present)

Order of the White Rose Relics of the Forsaken Freedom's Call The Order of Darkness
Crimson Crusaders Phantasmal Knights Flaming Claw Hand of the Chosen
Emerald Guardians The Damned Blood Angels
Kiss of Death The Delirium Society The Eldritch Cabal
The Temple Daaku Shisou Gisiae'en Adon
Kandarian Shadow Consecrated Tribulation Cateran Rebels
Celestrial Wanderers The Wolf Pack Seekers of the InnerFlame The Darklight Order
The Forsaken Knights Demonic Marauders Knights of the Realm The Cult of Pleasure

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Characters in Hollow that have biographies (whether actually in the game or typed up here)

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