Torrigan's Description:

Name: Torrigan Sadin Xaljorn

Age: Three

Eyes: Ocean Blue (Red when using his fire abilties. And when excited about somthing it turns to Neon Blue as Electric Sparks comes to them…possibly from Gabrial's Power from the Stone Torr holds in his posseion.)

Skin: Light

Hair: Brownish Blonde (Red When he uses his fire abilties)

Height: 2'8

Race: Elf

Class: Druid

Clan: Emerald Guardians

Friends: You know who you are.

Role in Clan:Mother's Assistant

Mentor:Naladin-Now is Torr's Mentor and Protector. Nal is teaching him his ways of how to fight and train Torr into what his destiny beholds.
Mother:The most loved of all Lanalle
Grandmother:Bluatre and Aurora
Grandfather:Heain and Klaus
Uncles:Lethan and Church
Aunt:Alina and Arnatuile
Twin sister: Emika Traia Leshante
Cousins:Dallon, Rianna, Llewelyn, Cerridyn, Kyna, and Leynya (All that he knows of now)

Nicknames: Tor or Torr

Personality: Torr is Sweet as could be. Maybe to sweet as he considers everybody as friend. At first this child is shy but when you get to know him he can be the best person you could get to know even though he is three. But if you cross the line of hurting his family and friends the small and Frail child becomes something none could imagine a three year old could be.

Fighting skills: Young but becoming one of great strength. He fights small monsters and some Strong Monsters for the time being but has shown the room for great improvement with the right mentorship and guidence.

Flame Control: Has become strong enough to control,produce, and bend fire to his will. Angry or Calm Torr can use his uncanny abiltiy with fire without much effort.

Cure: Not as stong but can heal Minor wounds and Broken Bones…but when he becomes stronger there is room to heal even the impossible.

Entangle: Causes nature to capture his foes to be caught for open critical hits. Now by himself has mastered to learn how to entangle foes in Flaming-Walls of Fire as he watches enemies burn to ashes.

When Nature Calls: Since he is a Druid his ability with nature is uncanny. He can control elements but not as powerful as he wishes now. But can bend the will of animals to aid him in battle…even those who are not allies.

Torrigan's Strength's: Fire Fuel's his power, Earth is Good, Average With Wind, Average with Light.

Torrigan's Weakness: Water and Dark…But Dark can change if pushed over his limit's.

Special Items:
Flaming Staff-Given to him by his mother to help with his Fire Ability's.

Stone of Torr: A Rune Stone acquired by Gabrial. This object was used to conceal his power and use it to help suppress his power within. Also can unleash it as it can cause tremendous damage to a foe creating this little boy into a war Machine.


Scooter: Given to him by Ayame.

Arna: Given to him by Arnatuile.

NightStar: His Most Favorite. Given to him by Aryanna. He is a little pup now but Torr is teaching training him to be strong and learn Magic to aid him in battle.

Torrigan's Biography:
When Born he was Second to his twin sister Emika. But when the pressure of two children got to his mother she could not longer take care of them both as the pressure of a parent condemed her mind. When they both were one Lana seeked out Three ladies and wished for both of them to be took care of. When the women visited their home they came without a word taking the children without a single spoken word. When this horror continued Torr and Emika Screamed and fought but could only say Mama…Mama! As they were so young they had no clue what was going on. Raised by these women and brought back to Lana…with Love in their hearts they didn't forget there mother nor did she as they joined back together once more for a lifetime. Now that they have returned Torr has become a Little Mama's Boy and would do anything for her and as he develops into his manhood it becomes more clearer that his Mother has a Important role in his life for his Destiny to come.

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