Meet the Demi


His Temple

Location: East of the Graveyard Gates in Vailkrin

Temple to the Vampire Lord Vakarash

Beneath ominously low hanging clouds of fog inside this hall of obsidian stone stands the striking golden statue of the vampire which splits two enormous marble pillars. Footsteps echo through here as those who hold the lord of death in reverence give their humble observance to him, kneeling at the sculpture’s feet and bowing, face planted firmly upon the crimson stones littered amongst the pearly white flooring. A queer sense of awe fills each present in this temple, quickly overcome by feelings of the meaningless and mundane nature of a mortal life as strange chanting flows about from the dark monks who watch over this place.

In short:

Name: Vakarsh
Apparent gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Area of Influence: Death stuffs
Preferred Class: Necromancer
Preferred Race: Vampire
Appearance: Winged & horned vampire.

Random Moments in Time

Vakarash said, "Who wants true power? Do not settle for "illusions" of such,
for ride upon my cloak and you will taste the sweet flavor of supremacy.

Vakarash said to Anshera, "Good. Punish those that follow the others, for
they are weak. I am the true power amongst the nine."

Vakarash erupts into a monstrous roar, glass shattering with the bellowing
tone as the fire erupts into an inferno, that side of the tavern rapidly
heating like a furnace. "Simpleton…" is the last thing uttered from the
lips of the vampire before clothing thrashes off his body, a pair of ten
foot wings unfurling with majesty as the candles that are lit go dim and
then extinguished from the breeze forced upon them by the thunderous
applause of the appendanges. Vakarash lunges for Salvador, natural
beastiality unleashed as fangs of the purest white protrude from the palate
of darkness, seeking to pierce the prey and assail themselves with the
sanguine liquid underneath the skin that the vampire feels pulsating in the
body before him. In seconds, he is upon Salvador, talons poised for the kill
as they race about his frame as head tilts back to lash out upon the exposed

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