Tsak Vlos Ta'shrazvrim aka "Velve" aka "Blade"


Race - Drow hybrid

Class - Assassin

Age - Over 400, but he stopped counting years ago.

Appearance - Ever one of duality, Velve is both drow and not. In his human form, and to few, he is known as Blade, as honed and athletic as his moniker suggests, with brown hair that would flow down past his shoes if he let it float freely. His skin is touched with the golden light of the sun as he were a gift from the heavens itself, but more a result of the days he spent at sea than any gifting. And if one continued to gaze his direction one might experience his uncanny gaze, pupils of forest green that seem to see through and beyond those they look upon.

The flip side of the coin and the one he shows to the world more often than not, is drow. Velve, the name the world knows him thusly by, is nothing more or less than a variance of Blade. His silver hair might be overpowering on many, for he wears it as long as the vainest of females, but set against his ebony skin and blue crystalline eye it simply fits. And yes, eye. For he only shows one to the world, the other always hidden behind whatever the mood struck him to use at the time. Looking down on the world from over six feet of trim muscle, he is one that either fades into the background, or waltzes with the wind, as the need dictates.

As there always is, even in shifters, there are commonalities that one might see, if one had eyes as keen as the wolves, or a heart as noble as the one he does not speak of, scars both across his body…and his mind.

Equipment - 200 daggers, explosive belt, Dragon daggers, Eye of pheyruan, healing salves, anti venomes, cures…..(more to be added).

Friends & Acquaintances(Let me know if I have missed you.)in no particular order.

Pets - Veldrin/Shadows: Displacer Beast

It has about as many sides as a multi-faceted ruby. He works the scale of the personality chart depending on his task at hand, much like his alignments. He's like a chamelion in that sense, exceptionally adaptable which makes him hard to pinpoint exactly where he stands at all times. Thats the way he likes it, keeps his enemies on their toes.

Skills - Has exceptional dexterity, great speed, above average strength. Very wise in the arts of assissinations and battle tactics. Can easily hide amongst the shadows. Has average intelligence but is very knowledgable about poisons and has grown a strong immunity to them. Can breath underwater in his natural form and has a strong resistance to magic that matches his strong dislike for it. He see's the world with many different types of sight at once, his eye can see like a normal humans,have heat vision, infrared, and a few others that are difficult to explain. He can easily catch thrown or fired objects and as a weapon of choice he chooses daggers.


He was born into a chaotic world in the city called Che'el d' Vlos or City of Blood. Everything that he was had one soul purpose… to kill. He was raised under the tutelage of his father Var'Den Renthos then when he was tame enough he fell under the assassin teachings of Phaeruan Ta'shrazvrim. He was quickly turned into one of the best assassins the drow had seen in a thousand years.

His mother was Drow but his father was Saeguan, a sea creature with a fury to match if not surpass that of the drow. Saeguan are a vicious barely sociable race. They kill for food and pleasure, when hungry enough they even turn upon each other for food. If they ever learned to be organized and somewhat tolerant of any type of leadership they could easily take hold of the three seas. A single saeguan can take on a whole crew from a three mast fishing ship in its rage and hunger. They do not run in combat and are devils to kill. You can cut off limbs and watch in horror as they still come, they’re blood thirsty red eyes not even noticing the pain given to them until after they’re prey is killed.

They show no mercy and have no hearts to speak of except for the cold dark stone that resides in there scaly chests. The drow decided to mix the natural killing instincts and both magical and elemental resistance of the saeguan with there own twisted blood to make a killing machine. To control such a creature they used two daggers, one with red eyes and the other with green. when the creature wasn't needed or had to be calmed to a coherent state they would use the green eyed dagger to turn the creature human and when they needed the creature again, if the serum created from within the dagger hadn't worn out, they would give him the serum from the red eyed dragon dagger to turn him back from human to his natural self.

It took over forty years to tame the creature enough to train it and stop it from killing wildly. They broke the creature to a mindless zombie like state but in time all things can be mended.

The creature began to mend from its zombie state and take on human characteristics the longer it stayed in human form and as for the darker side of the creature, its hungry side, it grew all the more colder and sinister. It was almost like having a split personality to him, part of him could feel love, caring, and interest while the other would devastate all in its way with the exception of its owners…. but not including their servants. In time he would learn to trap the hunter that resides in his mind and body and hold to his human facade. He, eventually, even began to like and then love a drow female. She showed him how to keep the creature in him to be somewhat restrained as he would turn into his natural form. There was much danger in his natural form for he could be easily set off into a killing rampage due to its bloodlust. In his natural state he found that it was much harder to control his evil tendencies…. but yet she always preferred him in his natural half-drow, half-saeguan form to his human form.

She was an intermediary for her House, so she had no real power or sway in the city but yet she always talked of her ambitions, of one day owning and ruling in her mother’s place. They had planned how they would one day escape the city to see the outside world but both knew that they were too valuable to their Houses to be released let alone allowed to escape.

One day he was called upon the counsel of his House in his natural form. He was only allotted such a gift only once before in his life, when he was born. They were all there, his father, tutor, matron and brother. They all eyed him with wry smiles except his father who seemed to seemed to look displeased and his teacher Phaeyraun who looked slightly worried and a little pissed; maybe it was hope that he had finally got the respect he deserved as a half-breed male or maybe it was pride but when he was handed the notice to immediately go to House Ven'Del, taking a handful of assassins with him to kill off the nobles, he readily agreed.

It was his job to lead the select few into the House Ven'Del. His men would stay behind him and stay out of his way as he became the Hunter. It was well known throughout the city that when he became the Hunter and entered his rage he would kill ANYTHING that stood in his way without exception. That is what broke both House Ven'Del and House Ta'shrazvrim. They decided not to tell him that his beloved was inside of House Ven'Del making negotiations as he was preparing for the attack. He did his job and he did it well. He entered the throne room and killed them all. The Hunter that he had become didn't even seem to recognize his beloved as he brutally slaughtered all in the room. The red eyes fell upon her, no sadness, no grief, no delay. He killed her quickly and horrifically. After all that laid before him were dead or dying he awoke from his rage. He was covered in blood, much of it was not his own, yet he was also riddled in cuts and slashes, even fang marks from the four priestesses’ vicious snake headed whips. It was then that he saw her. With the returning of control came the returning of pain and his conscience and the memory of the atrocities he had committed as the Hunter.

He saw her lying there and what he had done to her. She was still alive looking at him, her eyes shaking in fear, grief, shock, hate, love and then finally death. Her eyes remained open. They were the eyes from a person that watched as the one she loved killed her. Her eyes stared directly into his even in death. His heart was torn out from his chest that day. Everything clicked into place at that moment, drow did not allow such things as love. They had set it all up, they wanted to kill her by using his own rage in hopes that it would make him a colder more subsiding servant for their uses. They watched and smiled as they knew what would take place and they now awaited his return. He returned to his House in stunned horror, they knew, they all knew, they wanted a perfect killing machine that meant he couldn't feel love or compassion.

He kneeled before the counsel waiting for the proof he needed to begin the killing. They saw his face and with smiles of delight for there new weapon, they congratulated him on a job well done. They now had an assassin that could wipe out a House quickly and efficiently. He turned to leave not finding enough evidence to kill them for there horrific deed. Then his, full blooded drow, brother walked beside him and whispered all he needed to hear, "You didn't need that woman, you are now one of u….". He never finished the words for his brother quickly found his throat torn out by Velve's claws. He then turned his anger and hate against those who forced him to do such an atrocity. He killed over 100 drow warriors and priestesses that day, he felt no mercy… no compassion…. no pity… only hate, rage and pain for what they made him do. He barely escaped the city. His body riddled with bleeding wounds, there wasn't a place on his hide that wasn't wounded in some way. He retreated to the dark tunnels of the Underdark and bandaged himself up as best he could… he had a little help as far as his wounds weather or not the Hunter that he still was realized it or not. He lived in the tunnels for what seemed to be years in his natural killing form. He killed drow parties where he found them and lived off of herbs before finally making it to the surface… He became their killing machine. Oh yes, he was their killing machine for but just the briefest of moments and then he turned it against the surface dwellers just as quickly.

The creatures born name is Tsak Vlos Ta'shrazvrim. when he left the Underdark he discarded the name and took the first word he learned in common, Blade which later changed to Velve which means ‘Blade’ in drow.
After he left the Underdark he let himself get captured and restrained into slavery by a man named Rolf, for he knew nothing about this world above ground and knew that he could not survive in it very well until he learned its 'game'. His new master, Rolf, had the Hunter kill for him as the human side of Tsok Vlos hid, trying to hide from the pain he had caused and not knowing of the pain he was still causing. The Hunter was very willing to do the jobs asked of him because he not only recieved food, shelter, weapons, money and clothes, but most importantly knowledge of how this world worked. On his last mission, he was sent to kill a beggar who had threatend Rolf for doubling the amount agreed upon that the beggar had to pay back from a loan he had made from Rolf. Obviously Rolf sent The Hunter to take care of the man so that no one would dare threaten him again. The Hunter went to the beggars shanty little home and noted that there was nothing of worth as he looked around. The windows were covered by rags and the floor was covered in stains. The Hunter was in his emotionless half-blood drow/saeguan form. Dagger in hand, standing in the door way when he heard noises comming from the back of the house. He slipped into the shadows inside the house and awaited for the man to walk out of the only other room in the house. The Hunter's orders were to kill every one in the house. The begger stepped out of the room just as planned and was quickly met by a dagger slicing his throat, cutting off his air supply, while the other slammed into his jaw pinning it shut to scour any thoughts of making a sound. The Hunter moved the dead man to the floor and peered into the room seeing his wife. He moved in for the kill, daggers at the ready. As he snuck up behind the woman he heard a scream, the woman turned then died quickly. The Hunter's blood red eyes fell on the maker of the sound, the blood lust in full. His red gleaming eyes fell upon a child and at that simple instant of the look and terror of the child's face it sent the demon within reeling back and chained by Blade's pure emotion as the child’s scream broke him from his caged torment. The man inside the beast had found enough strength to fight the creature in his mind into a mental cage where he locked it up so that it couldn't hurt anyone again. Blade fell to his knees in his human form after taking the serum, crying.

Soon after, he fled. He was unable to get that god forsaken scream from his ears. He found Rolf and turned his anger, his human outrage, hate, fear, sadness and grief against Rolf as though he were the evil part of himself. He killed Rolf and fled far away. He didn't stop until he made it to the ocean where he put up a shack. He lived there in isolation for a long time, strengthening his mind and skills so that he could keep the abomination caged.

Eventually he became part of the crew to the three-masted merchant vessel called the Conquerors ship. He fell in love with a kind and sweet human woman named Kelsey who helped him control the creature within. It was through her love that he was able to finally come to amends with all that he had done and conquer his inner demon. After a few years on the sea they decided to get a house and settle down. She had made it so that he could even let it out of the cage without fearing what it might do. The two minds locked in one body even came to an agreement and obeyed each other’s wishes and desires. They had decided that they would try and make amends for all they had done by protecting those whom they cared for. It was many years after he and Kelsey settled down that Kelsey finally died of old age for she was human and not blessed with a long life as he was. They shared much together and gave each other strength. He went back to his shack and stayed in isolation for many more years before finally deciding to search out a vampire he had met while on the Conqueror. He had feelings for her no doubt, despite his love for Kelsey, and wanted to know what had happened to her in all these years. He wanted to – no, needed to know - if she was still alive so he came to these lands in search for her, in hopes of finding her or at least finding out what happened to her.

Since Then

Time heals most things, and since then he has made a name for himself and moved on…only to find Life and Love more complicated and tragically ironic than ever before.

Meet the Player

Male American, Northwest (means I am in Pacific Standard Time), and a proud member of the oldtimers club.

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