Vincent's Description:

Maybe arrogant, maybe not. There are people who know him well and others who can only guess. At times he can be angered easily and other times it takes quite alot to upset him. His emotions were something he never could learn to control even as a young boy. But he can be mildly predictable. He loves to laugh and have a good time and also likes a good fight. Another young habit that has worsened is the fascination of life and death. On one end Vincent tries to protect things that make him smile and on the other usually ends up destroying them. It is a slight loss, though. Vincent has seen many lovers come and go but has only really loved a select few. Some still even living within the land. On another note he wears the cross of his old friend Mortekai who has left Hollow. The religious emblem acts a reminder of his old friend. Though he never expects to see him again he remains always in memory.

Vincent's Biography:

Vincent was characteristically human when he was born. But around his 14th birthday an adventure gone-bad landed the young boy into a fountain underneath his village. As result of drowning in the fountain, Vincent somehow underwent an orphic transformation. His once young limbs bursted with new muscle, the weak sinews of a boy replaced with stronger, tighter ligaments and all at once his nails darkened and his body elongated, and the boy who fell into the fountain was of no longer anymore. Even his facial structure took a divine rerouting, looking as if god's mason had chiseled the features himself. And when he spilled out of that fountain, naked and dazzled, he immediately saw the liquid that had changed him. He was covered in it from head-to-toe and it was almost as dark as his raven's feather hair, but tinted red. It was blood. And from that moment Vincent's life understandably changed forever.

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