Race: Original race is unknown, but presently a resides within the body of a vampire

Class: Chronomancer
(Let me explain what this is: Vuryal can control Time and Space, everything from gravity to time itself, including the ability to jump between realms as well as shifting dimensions [ie. 3rd dimension to 2nd and so forth])

Age: Unknown

A mystical staff which bears the power of Time and Space within its very confines, able to be manipulated into any form that Vuryal beckons.

Abilities: Controls the very essence of time and space. Acquires the skills of those he possesses as he jumps from body to body like a parasite, and can use them to his advantage until he must find a new host.

Wife: Anshera

Children: Ingham and Sandros

Title: Overlord, Lord of Time, Rogue, Slave to the Time Masters

History of Vuryal:

Older than most have read about or heard stories whispered upon the air from their parents' parents, Vuryal is the forgotten mage of time, doomed to walk this land, and many others like it, until time itself stops or he is finally released from his imprisonment. A very old soul trapped within the bodies he is given by his masters, the time mage continues to walk upon his path, monitoring the movements of the timeline he is now, ultimately becoming a part of this story. He would best be referred to as a parasite, leaping from host to host at a whim, though to describe him would be to state that he is like a breeze upon the wind, unseen but felt.

Recently returning from his banishment, he comes to redeem himself, though given a horrendous task of possessing the body of a vampiric human, the very beings he has come to despise. The Time Masters did this as a joke, yet he finds it not humorous.

Inconsistent to say the least, the creature of night and sorcerer of time walks amongst the patrons for but a brief moment in time upon each visit, havoc waiting, anticipating the hour of his imminent return to harvest the peasants of Hollow. Until such time, he appears only briefly, never for very long, saving his precious time to his wife or to settle scores of old.

Duel History

Vuryal versus Donovan: Seals RP

Taken from: Vuryal's Homepage

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